Movement and Music

This year, physical education at Conservatory Lab is marching to the beat of a different drummer. For 45 minutes each week, students stomp, spring, sashay, and sing themselves into a sweat, led by resident artists Mike Moore and Josue Gonzales. Music & Movement class explores rhythm, song, and dance, utilizing traditional music from West Africa,  Brazil, Cuba, and the US. In addition to providing an active cardiovascular workout, each activity opens a door to learning about the culture where the music originated.

Mr. Moore, who teaches percussion in the El Sistema program, has a background in World Music and African Music. Mr Gonzales, Conservatory Lab’s resident cello expert, has studied world percussion, salsa dancing, ballet, and yoga. The two teachers take turns accompanying the movement exercises on percussion instruments and leading singing and movement activities.

Teachers report that favorite songs and movements from this class have already been overheard in impromptu recess performances. Look for demonstrations from these classes at selected school assemblies as the year progresses!