Students Sail the Ocean Blue Aboard the Roseway

On Monday, September 26, 2011, the entire 5th & 6th grades (28 students and 4 teachers) journeyed aboard the Roseway to participate in a full day curriculum with the World Ocean School. The Roseway, an original Grand Banks schooner, is a registered US National Historic Landmark.


The first task was to raise the enormous tanbark sails. The group sure worked hard to lift all of the sails for a total of 5,600 square feet! They split into four groups, each named for the different sails: “Fore,” “Main,” “Jib” or “Jumbo, so that they knew where to stand when directions were given. “It was heavy to lift,” recalls Jose (5th grade), “it took a lot of teamwork to get the sails up.” 


Some of the lessons were hands on – knots and rope coiling, navigation including working with charts, with hand bearing compasses and parallel rulers to find position and course, and some were about the history of Boston Harbor/Islands and the Roseway’s significance to that history. They explored the “Life of a Sailor” through a tour of the boat, which gave students greater appreciation for the Crew, who lives on the boat full time. The fantastic Roseway crew worked together to inspire each student.

This introduction will serve future lessons which will focus on the Islands later in the school year.