K2 to the Rescue! Bringing Joy to Brighton Seniors

On Thursday, October 6th, the K2 class walked to the Veronica P. Smith Senior Center and took center stage in the activity center by performing a medley of songs for the assembled seniors.

This jubilant performance was in response to an urgent missive brought to their classroom by messenger. The letter, specifically written to these K-2 students, called for assistance in meeting an obvious need in the City of Boston for more joy. The letter stated that all other city agencies were otherwise occupied with their own directives and no other group could respond as well as they to this urgent need.

Without a moment’s hesitation and recognizing the importance of the call, the students immediately sprang into action by rehearsing the repertoire of songs that they felt the seniors and others would like.

The performance is a component of their Learning Through Music Expedition, “Music for Everyone,” and marks the beginning of a relationship between the K2 class and the senior center that will continue throughout the year. Students will also be looking for other ways to share their joy with the world around them and become community helpers..seniorbook