Wampanoag Dancer and A.R.T. Playwright Visit 3rd Grade

Have you ever heard of the giant Moshup? According to Wampanoag legend, he was a friendly giant who lived among the Wampanoag people on Martha’s Vineyard before the first European settlers arrived.

As part of their Learning Through Music expedition, Way Back When, 3rd graders are writing and producing a play about the good giant Moshup. This week, they welcomed two special experts to help them. On Monday, Annawon Weeden, founder of the Wampanoag Singers and Dancers, enthralled students with traditional Wampanoag stories and taught them Wampanoag songs and dances to incorporate into their play. On Wednesday, Brendan Shea of the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T) conducted a scriptwriting Playwriteworkshop with students. After brainstorming the elements of a good play, students set to work writing dialogue to bring the story of Moshup to life. Stay tuned for news about the play, which promises to be a gigantic success.