In The House of Blues

On Tuesday, November 15th, the fourth grade class, along with seven helpful parent chaperones, attended an interactive musical performance at the House of Blues. The fieldwork was an absolute blast! The class attended this performance for two reasons. The first is that it connects with the Listening Project genre, Rhythm and Blues. The second is that the current Learning Through Music Expedition is focused on The Great Migration, and with that, they are learning about how African Americans used music and art to express themselves during a difficult time in their lives. During the performance, students were told three reasons why it is beneficial to learn about the history of the blues.

  1. To hear stories of people in the past.
  2. To learn how people used music as a way to creatively express themselves.
  3. To understand how the blues influenced other genres of music, such as jazz, soul, hip hop, and rap.  

While there, the performers shared historical information and then played a song to support the history that was just presented. Some of the songs we heard (and sang along with of course), were “Crossroad Blues” by Robert Johnson, “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang, and “Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

Outside House of Blues


As we move through the expedition, students will soon be writing their own blues. Through the songs in our Listening Project and the performance as a whole, the students will be able to refer back to many of the songs to guide them in their own writing. When they are ready to perform their pieces to an audience, they can refer back to what made Tuesday’s show such a high-quality and enjoyable performance to watch. 


At the end of the performance, the students were given the following advice: “model what musicians have done and use your voice to express your creativity and change the world for the better!”