This Land is Our Land: First Graders Explore America Through Symbols


1st Expedition Celebration

The first grade class wowed friends, family and staff with their poise at the celebration of their This Land is Your Land Expedition on Wednesday afternoon.  The students began the event by describing the process of the Expedition.  They directed the audience to their research posters, the word wall and the pictures of the American symbols they studied.

The Expedition culminated in the production of beautiful and informative bookmarks with drawings of and facts about several important American symbols.  These bookmarks, along with their binders of research were prominently on display in the classroom for visitors.

After half the students described the learning process, Ms. Bollacker led the students in a rousing rendition of This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie.  The students sang and signed their way through several verses.  After the song, students shared their reflections on­ what they had learned and how they had learned it.  Thiago described how he applied the Expeditionary Learning Design Principle of “Success and Failure”.  He wasn¹t satisfied with his first attempt at drawing the dome on the Capitol Building so he made multiple drafts until he was satisfied with his work.


Once the presentations were over, there was a “juice and cookies” reception where families could look at their child’s work and socialize with other families.  A great time was had by all!