“Are You My Instrument?” (How a Kindergarten Class Becomes an Orchestra)

Are You My Instrument?

On Thursday afternoon, the K2 class presented the play, “Are You My Instrument,” to an audience of students, teachers, and families. The performance marked a pivotal step in their journey to becoming an orchestra this year, as they concluded the research stage of their study and moved into the “paper orchestra” phase.

For several weeks, the class has been studying the instruments of the orchestra by watching rehearsals, interviewing older students about their instruments, listening to recordings, and making sketches of each instrument. This week, they took the stage to perform a play about a young violist looking for her place in the orchestra. Each student assumed the personae of the instrument they had most closely researched, and first grader Emma Sophia made a guest appearance as the “lost violist.”

Next, the students will begin construction of their paper orchestra and prepare for rehearsals with their paper instruments, the penultimate step to becoming a real orchestra!