Bernstein Orchestra Begins Symphonic Rehearsals

An electric silence filled the orchestra room this Wednesday as the wind section of the Bernstein Orchestra took their seats behind the string section for their first full rehearsal. For weeks, the two sections have been preparing their joint repertoire, anticipating the moment when they would bring together their separate parts to create one euphonious whole. Now, with a cue from the conductor, their first notes as a combined orchestra poured forth from their instruments, and smiles erupted across every face.Bernstein Winds

“This has been the dream from the beginning,” explained Bernstein Orchestra conductor Joshua Garver. “All year we have been laying groundwork, developing parallel routines, so there was a strong feeling of unity as the two sections came together.” The first joint rehearsal introduced students to concepts of balance and blend unique to the symphonic ensemble. Students also had the chance to hear the full symphonic sound applied to the signature anthem, Ode to Joy, which they have heard countless times performed by the Dudamel Orchestra. Starting this week, the full orchestra will meet twice a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, adding several new pieces of combined repertoire.