2nd Grade Herpetologists Visit Harvard



On Thursday, the second grade class entered the world of professional scientists.  They took the 86 bus to the Herpetology Department of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard. There, they worked with Herpetologists Jose Rosado and Joe Martinez to examine the specific types of snakes each student is studying:  the Mojave rattlesnake, the Anaconda, the Reticulated Python, and the Spitting and King Cobras.  Students each had a fieldwork journal for them to sketch their snakes, describe snake adaptations and how they help the snake survive, and answer other questions they had brainstormed before the trip.


The students got to see the Museum’s private collection of over 400,000 reptiles.  They then went upstairs to the Museum of Natural History and applied their learning about snake adaptations to other animals.  Students had to pick an animal, sketch and label their features and ask questions and make inferences about how these features help the animal survive.


This unusual, in-depth learning experience is a highly anticipated part of the 2nd grade snake Expedition every year.  Students’ working alongside scientists gives them a new vision of their future.  As Hafeedh said, “I feel like this is my home for learning.”