4th Grade Blues Celebration Presents Tapestry of Learning


4th blues celebration

On Wednesday morning the 4th grade class shared their knowledge about The Great Migration through stories, poems, collage, and music. In front of an audience which included a Massachusetts State Senator Jack Hart, House of Blues program manager Jenny Nardone, and a host of proud family members, the students took turns presenting each aspect of their Learning Expedition.  They presented the process and the products through which they have become experts in this era of history.

Students presented favorite songs and stories from The Listening Project, poetry written in response to their study of Langsten Hughes, letters written from the perspective of 1920 migrant workers, collages created in the style of Romare Bearden under the direction of professional artist Ekua Holmes, and original blues songs which they had composed and rehearsed under the guidance of their classroom teachers and resident artists. Following the presentation, guests had the opportunity to tour a gallery of the students’ work and try their hand at writing their own blues.

Impressed with the students’ blues compositions, Jenny Nardone has invited the students to perform at the House of Blues on March 6.