4th Grade Makes House of Blues Debut (Watch the video!)

House of Blues


On Tuesday morning, the fourth grade class made their debut at the House of Blues, performing original blues songs in which each student took a turn singing a self-composed solo. The students were invited to perform after House of Blues Education Director Jenny Nardone heard the students’ songs at their learning celebration in February.

The four groups of 4th graders comprised the opening act for the House of Blues Schoolhouse Band performance, which takes students on a musical journey through the evolution of popular music in America, with an emphasis on the influence of the blues. The students had been to see this exciting performance at the beginning of their blues studies, and now experienced it with new ears having become experts on the genre over the last several months. “I recognized so many more of the songs this time,” noted 4th grade cellist and singer/songwriter Nora, launching into a litany of artists and recordings now familiar to her, which included WC Handy, Ma Rainey, and Muddy Waters.