Dudamel Orchestra Plays at Harvard’s Historic Sanders Theatre

Sunday, March 4th at Sanders Theatre was the setting for a new set of impactful experiences for the Dudamel Orchestra members.ProArte

Honored to be invited by the renowned Pro Arte Orchestra of Cambridge to play the “Aperitif” section of their March concert, the students were struck, as thousands have been before them, by the incredibly beautiful design and acoustics of this historic and revered hall.  Chavez was impressed by the “humongous” space and the chandelier.  Kelly expressed feeling “warm” and happy” in the space, a credit to the famous design, which makes an almost 1,200 seat theatre, seem intimate. Adam, Ben and Chavez commented on the “echo” which surrounded all of them as they played. And Mark Anthony expressed feeling a sense of accomplishment as he played before the audience in that grand hall!


MarkAnthony at ProArteThis concert was dedicated to the next generation of musicians who play the classics.  Featured in the main concert were three outstanding young virtuosos from the local area:  Mathew Wooward, 16, both a violist and a composer; Hana Zaks, 12 a violinist, and Leland Ko, 13, a cellist.  All of our Dudamel Orchestra members were awestruck by the high level of performance artistry that these young musicians displayed. Adam summed it up nicely, “I felt inspired to go forth and accomplish the same in my playing!”

Listen to Japanese Lullaby, performed by the Dudamel Orchestra.