The House that Art Built

On Tuesday, March 27th, the first grade class brought their investigation of building materials to the Artists For Humanity building in the South End. Students, teachers and parent chaperones took a tour through all the building spaces where everyday materials are used in new and interesting ways. Operations Director Andrew Motto led the students through the gallery where the staircases are lined with old windshields repurposed as walls. There, the students asked questions and took notes about the materials used and saw the paintings of teen artists that are soon to be put up on display. The tour’s next stop was the courtyard where the grass is made of plastic and the support beams are made of old railroad ties.

Back inside, Youth Liaison, Shisha King brought the students through the studio where the teen artists do their work, the photography room and the 3D design studio. She explained that the design studio is where designers experiment with different materials as they build different things they have been commissioned to build. 3D studio They ask themselves the same question our 1st graders are considering in their Expedition: “How do we choose what materials to build with?”  In order to answer this question, one must consider particular
factors such as climate, purpose, location etc.  Designers at Artists for Humanity have designed tables from old newspapers and magazines coated with resin and bicycle stands from recycled metal. The students saw two disco balls being made from recycled cds. All these repurposed and recycled materials gave the students new ideas as they continue their Expedition: Building With The Three Little Pigs.