K2 Nutritionists Visit Local Grocery Store

Whole Foods VeggiesThe K2 class took a trip to Whole Foods on Thursday to study food. The students were given a guided tour of the store, focusing on the different food groups and the comparative nutritional value of various items. Through a series of guided demonstrations, they smelled, tasted, and touched various vegetables, fruit, dairy, and fish.


As the students compared the odors of cheeses, sampled raw kale, and touched whole fish, they interviewed Sara Ensel about the origins and properties of many foods. They learned how a cucumber becomes a pickle and whichWhole Foods Fish vegetables give a body the most energy. The information gleaned from their interviews will fuel the research projects and informational song that will culminate their learning expedition, “What’s On Your Plate?”


At the end of the trip, Whole Foods generously donated a snack bag full of healthy foods. What a treat!