K1 Visits the Circus

Last Friday, the K1 class ran off to the circus in search of inspiration. For weeks they have been studying the animals, acts, and culture of “The Big Top,” investigating the ways that circus performers use what we at Conservatory Lab consider the “Keys to Harmony:” cooperation, courage, perseverance, responsibility, quality, and joy. They took notes on the many surprising and amazing performances they experienced, gathering ideas for the circus performances they will present during the last week of school.

Among their favorite acts were a juggler who kept eight balls in the air, a clown who spit water unexpectedly, and Bob, a capybara, who performed the song “Dynamite.” The students realized that the singing rodent was “just a trick,” but were none the less impressed.Big Apple Circus

 While the K1 class will not attempt every act they saw, they will take many lessons away about the culture and environment of the circus. Each performer has a unique talent, but they must cooperate to work their gifts into a cohesive act. The students also noted that although professional circus performers may make a mistake, they keep going. “A little girl did a flip,” Indiana explained, “the first time she fell down, but then she persevered.”

Stay tuned for more information about the K1 circus, which will take place in mid June.