Second Graders Shake, Rattle, and Slither

This week, 2nd graders put the finishing touches on their music video which will premier on YouTube later this month.

Filming the choreography was the last step in an extremely detailed process of writing and creating an original song and music video.  After writing the song, six students went to the music studio to record the track of the song with their instruments.  Once the track was created,  we created a recording studio in the Scores room to record the students singing the lyrics.  The lyrics and track were then put together. 

 filming 2nd grade

The 2nd graders watched an exemplar of a  “Kidz Bop” music video and identified the criteria for creating a high quality music video.  The students came up with a long list of criteria; including choreography, filming in multiple locations, and stylish outfits.  Students also noticed the singers sang clearly and with expression.   

For the past few weeks, the 2nd graders have learned choreography as a whole class and in small groups to go along with their song.  They have practiced performing the choreography in a variety of locations, including the classroom and the playground.  The day of filming was a culmination of many weeks of rehearsal.  The students performed like professionals, and exuded joy throughout the entire day of filming.snakedance