Wind Players Perform at Boston Conservatory

On Sunday, the wind players of Conservatory Lab performed in a collaborative concert with Keys for Kids, an after school music program in the North End. The concert was organized by Resident Artist Chris Schroeder. He shares his gratitude:

The collaborative process is one that sparks creativity and stretches our perception of our own abilities, elevating the duo or group to a greater level of performance and artistry. Today is a celebration of this collaborative spirit.recital From a glance at today’s program, one sees an array of duets, trios, quartets and large ensembles. But under the surface, many of the music selections are a result of my collaborations with these students from their respective programs.  


When I began teaching at these programs two years ago, there was a list of standard repertoire that existed since I began playing at age 12. However none of these books could prepare me for these diverse music programs. With dedicated 5 and 6 year-old trumpet players at Keys for Kids, the seemingly limitless elementary-age wind players at Conservatory Lab and head-banging 1st graders at the North End Music and Performing Arts Center, I was in search of a way to connect with each student within these unique cultures. AV at recital

The result was celebrated today through these student performances. I am so very proud of all our performers for their commitment to themselves as students, as artists and as future leaders in their communities and beyond.