Learning Expeditions Conclude With Style and Flare

Last Friday visitors streamed through the school, bouncing from classroom to classroom in a continuous stream of learning celebrations. More stories and pictures will soon be up on Facebook, but for now here are the highlights of the last week of classroom presentations:

The K1 Circus
Our young performers have been studying the elements of a circuscircus performance, including the characters, form, actions, and traditions that contribute to the excitement of the big top. As a class, they identified and honed their most impressive skills of acrobatics, contortion, tumbling, and balance. Last Friday, their work came to fruition in a stunning spectacle of talent and art.

Second Grade Music Video Premier
presentationThe herpetologists of 2nd grade spoke with poise and presence at their culminating presentation last Friday. They shared the process of their research into the world of snakes and the creation of their products: a pamphlet on snake care, a collection of scientific drawings, and a music video based on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” about the diversity of snakes. The video will soon be available on YouTube.

Fourth Grade Planet Poster Paloozaplanet posters
The fourth grade class wrapped up their study of the solar system with a presentation of planet posters. Each student assumed the personae of a different celestial body and told a story from its perspective.

Sixth Grade Mock Trial
Mock trialThe students of 6th grade completed a study of the book Tangerine, by Edward Bloor. On Friday, they put one of the novel’s central characters, Erik, on trial for his actions in the story. The students prepared opening remarks, rebuttals, and closing statements to sway the jury of 4th graders in their favor. Judge Gapp presided over an emotionally and intellectually stimulating round of oral arguments.