A New Year Begins

Dear families,

In the opening lines of Bruckner’s fourth symphony, a solo French horn calls out, clear and strong from a sea of trembling strings. As the music unfolds, the orchestra begins to rally around those six notes. Other instruments take up the theme, developing it and making it their own, supporting it with their own harmonies and colors, transforming it from a lone vision into a triumphant statement that will carry the orchestra through to the final movement.

I think about this symphony as I watch our students and teachers take their first steps together. Carefully they practice every routine of the day, from walking in line to passing out pencils. As students become comfortable with these new routines, they begin to take ownership of their learning environment. From these simple first steps, a culture begins to grow, based on cooperation, responsibility, perseverance, empathy, and self reflection. The momentum builds, until they are creating, exploring, learning, and performing together.


It is wonderful to have our young scholars and musicians back with us, ready to embark on a new journey. I look forward to working with you all this year to create positive learning experiences for all of our students.

    Diana Lam



Diana Lam

Head of School