Students Attend Generation Teach

Generation Teach 1

This last summer, 17 of our rising sixth, seventh and eighth graders attended a dynamic and enriching summer program called Generation Teach. Within this program small classes are taught by a talented and racially diverse group of college students. These college students receive two-week intensive summer professional development before the program begins as well as on-going coaching during the program, from master teachers currently working in Boston area schools. Our students had an opportunity to learn and grow in small classes with caring teachers,  visit college campuses, learn computer coding, and participate in special events at this end of each week.

Generation Teach 2

Ms. Lam made the initial contact to provide this opportunity to our students in the upper school.  Ms. Robyn Pretlow in her new role at the school as Director for Civic, Community and Parent Engagement will continue to be the point person for this program and others like it which has our students engaging in youth development programs outside of school.  Ms. Pretlow is also the point person for all parent engagement with the school. Her email is

The seventeen students who were part of Generation Teach this summer are:

6th graders:  Cashmere Deronette, Sean Perryman-Futrell,  Tyqueo James, Jaylan Vaughn, Omar Sanchez, Biancha Watkins, Tyler Walker, and Ezekeil Freeman Fan-Fan

7th graders: Mark Anthony Cazir, Nicholas Cota, Alex Peguero, Jazmine Layne and  Jessica Charles.

8th graders:  Arianna Rodriguez, Chris Henriquez, Mariel Roman, Kelsey Sandoval and Anthony Vega.

Good work students!