3rd Graders Take Top Prizes in Science Poetry Contest

Six Conservatory Lab 3rd graders won top prizes in the 2013 Massachusetts Science Poetry Contest. Students Niko O’Grady Arnold and Angelique Ruiz captured First Prize in the Best Cooperative Poem Category; Tess Lepeska-True and Dinah Yisrael earned Second Prize. Mayara Ryland and Jaylan Vaughn received Honorable Mention in the Most Original Poem category.

How to Read the Poems

The two winning poems in the Best Cooperative Poem category are designed to be read aloud by two readers at the same time. One reader (the bee) reads the left-hand side. The other reader (the flower) reads the right-hand side. Read the poems from top to bottom, left to right.  When you see lines that are on the same level, both readers (bee and flower) should speak them simultaneously. In the third poem, “The Amazing Life Cycle of a Flower,” the first reader (bee) reads Parts I and II; the second reader (flower) reads part III.