4th Graders Explore the Universe

Do stars exist forever in the sky? Could a human breathe the atmosphere on Jupiter? What are Saturn’s rings made of? Look no further than Conservatory Lab 4th graders for the answers to these cosmic questions. On Friday, Conservatory Lab’s 4th grade class released “What’s Out There,” a book examining scientific facts about our Solar System and the Universe. The book is structured through a set of  True or False questions, each with it’s own thorough and factual explanation, and interspersed with beautiful oil pastel drawings of planets, stars, comets, and other stellar phenomena. The release of this book followed the 4th grader’s recent learning expedition about our  Solar System, which included in-depth fieldwork at the Museum Of Science’s Planetarium, close work with an expert artist at the Museum of Fine Arts, and hours of their own research and academic exploration. The book will be available for purchase at the online School Store soon.

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