6th Graders Conduct Field Work at Nightingale Community Garden

On Tuesday, 6th graders visited the Nightingale Community Garden in Dorchester to conduct field work for their latest academic expedition on “changemakers and heroes” in the community.
During their visit, students explored every corner of the garden while recording observations and jotting down questions.
Following this exploration, students had the opportunity to interview garden expert and manager, Elnora Thompson. Their questions covered a variety of topics, including the history of the garden, specifics about the plants and vegetables that she grows, and her own personal experience working at the garden.
From the interviews, students learned that the Nightingale Community Garden educates people about healthy alternatives to “cheap supermarket food” by supplying organic, locally-grown food to the community as well as donating to the local food pantry. DSC_1430
Many students remarked on the fact that they were surprised that such high quality food could be grown right in the city! Thank you Ms. Thompson for creating this inspiring experience for our 6th graders!