Classroom Teachers Welcome New Students

Conservatory Lab teachers are eagerly preparing for a new year of learning, growing, and music-making. In their letters of welcome to students and families, classroom teachers share their excitement about the coming year:

Becca Iskric and Theresa Holland to the K1 families

                          K1 Getting-to-know-you Survey

Jean Corbo-Hudak and Mary Randolph to the K2 families

Jovanne Buckmire and Katie Biro to the 1st grade families

Jenna Gampel to the 2nd grade families

Ivy Delaney to the 3rd grade families

Rachel Cates to the 4th grade families

Bry Gapp (humanities) to the 5th/6th grade families

Kathryn Funderburk (math/science) to the 5th/6th grade families

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