Are You My Instrument? – K2 Drama is a Hit at the Children’s Museum

Our K2 thespians have taken the show on the road! This time of year is when this class embarks upon their journey towards becoming an orchestra. On Tuesday morning, they had the privilege of presenting their own rendition of the play Are You My Instrument?, written by Levi Comstock and inspired by the children’s book, Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman, to an audience at the Boston Children’s Museum. This performance marked the culmination of several weeks that the students have spent observing, researching, and listening to the different instruments that make up the orchestra.Are You My Instrument?
        The play tells the story of a “lost violist,” played by 1st grader Xavier Smith, who is searching for his proper place in the orchestra. With the help of the other orchestra members along the way, he is able to find his rightful seat in the viola section and comes to understand his role as part of an orchestra.
        The audience of museum staff and visitors was noticeably impressed with the young students’ ability to work together as a cohesive ensemble. One museum staff member commented on the students’ incredible collective ability to maintain tight focus and act in sync with one another.

We are very excited about our new relationship with the Boston Children’s Museum and look forward to going back in April for our K2 students’ presentation of the next stage of their orchestra development process, the paper orchestra performance.