Brass Ensemble Performs for 2,000 Educators

The Dudamel Brass Ensemble woke up mighty early on Tuesday, December 4th.  The five members of the group had to report to the Hynes Convention Center at 6:15 AM for a sound check. At 7:20 the quintet: Nate Wertheimer on trombone, Arianna Rodriguez, Anthony Vega, Kam’Rahn Carter and Brandon Volel on trumpet, along with their teacher Chris Schroeder, performed for the opening of the National Conference of Learning Forward, an international non-profit dedicated to advancing education through the professional development of teachers.  The huge exhibition hall was filled with educators and presenters from around the world and, even though they had just sat down to breakfast, all conversation stopped when our musicians sounded their first note.  The ensemble played a Bach Chorals, an Oh, When the Saints sing-along, and ended with everyone on their feet for the Star Spangled Banner.  The applause was thunderous! Hynes Convention Center


Several conference attendees came up and thanked the students after the performance and told them how impressed they were with their sound and their poise. Jill Mirman, an Expeditionary Learning School Designer who has worked with Conservatory Lab teachers for years, just happened to be in the audience (she was presenting at the conference later that day) and called Principal Annie Sevelius to tell her how proud she was.  According to Nate, the best part was “seeing each other close up on the two jumbotron screens on either side of the stage.”  Kam’Rahn said he was proud to be part of a group “that could practice well enough to perform for over 2,000 people and not be nervous!”  We are proud of them all!