Celebrating Ms. Folkes’s 2nd Grade

Here at Conservatory Lab, we believe in traditions; from morning crew and Friday Finale, to Spring Fling and performing at the Hatch Shell every summer, we revel in the things we can always count on to bring our community together. Our traditions strengthen our bonds with one another, and remind us every day, week, month, and year, about the things we can celebrate as well as the things we can work on as a school community.
Our teachers put a lot of hard work into keeping school-wide traditions, like Friday Finale, annual expeditions, and the Winter and Spring concerts, going. Sometimes, though, when a teacher puts in the  effort to establish a tradition within her own classroom, it can be very special. Today, we’d like to celebrate Ms. Folkes and her 2nd grade class: every morning, Ms. Folkes sings a song with her students that she herself wrote! Her song is about the crew qualities and our school, and no doubt serves as a reminder to her students of why the crew qualities are so important. There are even some dance moves that her class performs with the song. We are so proud to have Ms. Folkes teaching our students, and are excited to see what her creativity will bring to the classroom throughout the year!