Classroom Celebrations

6th Grade

The 6th grade celebrated their accomplishments in their Graphic Geology expedition after the Spring Concert last Thursday evening.  All students and their families gathered together at the beautiful Longy School of Music with food, drink, and merriment.  Together, they pored over the students’ amazing artwork representing the stories of different land formations in Hemlock Gorge.  We are looking forward to seeing our final published book which will be released in late summer!


4th Grade

Last Friday the fourth graders shared their LTME Space final products with families and friends. Students have worked hard to complete a piece of informational writing in a True or False style about a space topic in which they were very interested. Along with their writing, students used oil pastels to create an illustration to match their writing. Topics range from Earth to Jupiter, from Exoplanets to Solar Eclipses. Over the summer a book will be published and we cannot wait to see how it turns out!


5th Grade

Wednesday evening was the site of a science celebration as the 5th graders hosted an “Advocacy Fair”.  Through their earlier studies of global warming, the students had learned of the effects of temperatures rising around the world and wanted to know how to make a difference.  They each chose a cause to research, wrote speeches and designed a poster to persuade others to join in efforts ranging from protecting oceanic life to recycling of notebooks to reducing the demand for fresh water.  Three of the students gave their speech to the whole audience and then all attendees were encouraged to walk around to the different presenters to hear their pitch for advocacy.  Hearts and minds were swayed to make a positive change in the world.



These students spent the spring becoming poets and biologists.  They started by observing the world around us- things like the beans plants they were growing- and recording what they noticed.  After learning all about the writing tools that poets use, they turned those scientific descriptions into their own delightful poems.  At the same time, they used their observation notes to study the life cycle of bean plants.  They compared what they learned about beans to their own life cycles, which gave them even MORE to write poems about!  On Friday, they got to share all of this with their families during a rousing poetry jam and life cycle tutorial.