Grade 1 in SY17-18



Click here to download the 1st Grade Reading Log

Click here to download the Boston Public Library K-2nd Grade Booklist




  1. Complete 60 minutes per week on PRODIGY math.
  2. Each day you work on a math program, color in the day! Click here to download the Math log!
  3. All students who successfully complete the summer math challenge will be invited to a Fall Scholars Celebration.

Class code for students from Mrs. Greenwood’s and Ms. Goddard’s 2016-17 class:

Username: CLCS1

Class: Goddard/Greenwood

Password: 1234



                Website: www.prodigygame.com


Prodigy Math Directions:

  1. Click “Get your free account” in the center of the screen
  2. Click “Student”
  3. Click “Play Prodigy Now!”
  4. In the bottom left corner, click “New Student”
  5. Enter the Class Code: BF4D89


School Supplies for 1st Grade

Please have all supplies on the first day of school!

Student Supplies

These items will be shared with our Crew and do not need to be labeled.



Additional Items Appreciated for Use by Crew


Optional Supplies

Amelia Burkhard

1st Grade Teacher

Kathy Malone

1st Grade Teacher

Mariel Sager

1st Grade Teacher