Our elementary school includes grades 3 – 5 and is located at 2120 Dorchester Ave in Dorchester, MA.

Conservatory Lab provides a unique learning experience that includes daily El Sistema music instruction for all students. All grade three students play a stringed instrument. In fourth grade, some students transition to woodwinds, brass, or percussion instruments.

As an EL Education (formerly Expeditionary Learning), all students participate in one or two expeditions each year. These interdisciplinary units, typically lasting 8-12 weeks, are grounded in social studies or science content, while building literacy skills and integrating the arts. Students participate in research, field work, collaboration with experts in field, and service learning. During their learning expeditions, students develop an authentic product, modeled after artifacts from the real world.

In addition, we use the following curriculum tools to plan enriching units to support student learning across the subject areas in the elementary grades:

English-Language Arts (ELA): EL Education ELA Modules

Math: Eureka Math, Open Up Resources Math

Science: Project Lead the Way

Social Studies: History Alive

Beginning in grade three, students develop the ability to apply their foundational skills to more challenging content to build knowledge. In reading, students move to more complex text that expands their vocabulary and requires them to infer meaning from the text. Students begin to use paired readings, in which they make meaning of two texts that may be connected by a similar topic or theme. This is a challenging endeavor that requires deep understanding. Students also move from writing paragraphs to essays and longer pieces that pull information from multiple sources. In math, students continue to master rote skills of math facts, and must also apply conceptual knowledge to solve multi-step problems.

All students are challenged to develop their Habits of Work and Learning to support their learning in academics and the arts.

Please review your child’s grade level expectations here.