Hip Hop for Social Change

On Monday, November 26th, hip-hop artist MC Oasis gave an inspiring workshop to 6th graders, who have been researching Brazilian hip-hop, samba, and capoeira as part of their expedition on world geography and culture.  Originally from Watertown, MA, MC Oasis now lives in Cartegena, Colombia where she helped found La lengua de mi barrio, an organization that connects and trains youth leaders from Colombia and the U.S. who are using hip-hop to transform their communities through nonviolence.  MC Oasis From the moment she greeted students, MC Oasis ignited the classroom with hip-hop beats, rhythms, and rhymes. Students freestyled to percussion beats and wrote hip-hop rhymes that demonstrate one of the 5 elements of hip-hop-self-knowledge. “I’m a believer, not a deceiver,” rapped Kelly Exilus. “I’m like a possibility that flies high. I’m like an eagle that soars through the sky,” rapped Yantaya Smith, who will be performing a hip-hop rap at next week’s assembly.