Early Childhood Teachers Present Instructional Rounds

This was a very busy week on the first floor as first K2, and then K1, hosted groups of educators from Cambridge to New Bedford for a morning of Instructional Rounds.  Each morning began with a welcome from Head of School Diana Lam. Before each classroom observation, Ms. Randolph and Ms. Mason provided participants with overview of each grade’s Learning Through Music expedition-K1’s Portrait of an Artist and K2’s What’s On Your Plate? 

K2 Instructional RoundsOn Tuesday, educators observed as K2 students set a goal for creating second drafts of their Healthy Placemats, a product that showcases their research about healthy eating and exercise. They also observed resident artists Josue Gonzalez and Tess Plotkin in action as they led students in a rehearsal of their K2 nutrition song, with original lyrics that synthesize students’ learning about the five food groups.  Our visitors were hugely impressed by students’ thoughtful drafting process, by their joyful singing, and by the beautiful placemats from last year that served as exemplars to inspire this year’s young nutritionists to create high-quality work.

K1 Instructional RoundsOn Thursday, Ms. Mason introduced a new group of educators to the amazing work our youngest students are doing as they learn about color theory, master artists from Vincent Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, and how to create quality self-portraits that tell a story about who they are. Participants observed the elements of a preschool classroom environment that encourage inquiry-based learning and interacted with students as they rotated through centers that stimulate the development of oral language, gross and fine motor skills, creative problem-solving, and cooperative play. They marveled at students’ ability to give one another helpful feedback to improve the quality of their artwork, as well as the richness of the curriculum, the depth of students’ experience with art, and with complex vocabulary.

The Instructional Rounds have been an excellent vehicle for our teachers to share the best practices and interdisciplinary approach that distinguish our school and to exchange ideas and forge relationships with a community of local educators.