Friday’s Assembly A Grand Finale

Last Friday’s assembly was rife with surprises and heartfelt performances. A K2 drumline kicked off the morning with unprecedented levels of groove, tapping out layer upon layer of polyphonic rhythm and warming up the crowd for a flowing arrangement of Sakura Sakura delivered by the Bernstein Wind Ensemble. Elijah Simon and the Dudamel Brass drew tears with an instrumental rendering of My Heart Will Go On, the first of several student-initiated tributes to departing teachers and students, and 5thgrade flutist Maya James revealed her hidden accordion talents through a lively serenade.
Following a touching trio by Kelly Exilus, Yantaya Smith, and Rayne Lipscomb and a show stopping reprise of the 1st grade musical, The Three Little Pigs, Ms. Sevelius acknowledged our departing 6th graders. Each stood and received a certificate in recognition of their years of study at Conservatory Lab, then sat and watched as the fourth grade class performed a choreographed song expressing their appreciation and friendship. By the time Ms. Levi took the stage to perform a goodbye song for the school, there was not a dry eye in the house.
 Just as the assembly seemed to have approached its zenith, an unexpected guest appeared! No sooner had Ms. Levi strummed the final chord, than a streak of purple raced across the stage. Every child who had ever been in one of her K1/K2 classes instantly recognized the infamous Purple Lizard, a beloved character in the musical stories Ms. Levi tells in class. For the children who had listened to these stories, imagining the mischievous reptile playing silly jokes on their music teacher, it was a dream come true to see it come to life and join the school in a rousing sendoff of

If I Had a Hammer. The assembly danced out to the swingin’ tunes of the Dudamel Brass.