The JAMMIN Minute is a national health and wellness initiative, started by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, which aims to increase the amount of physical exercise students perform on a daily basis. It makes use of fun, quick exercises and stretches that engage students of all age groups. The exercises change every week and they include a health tip on nutrition and general wellness. JAMMIN MinuteAt Conservatory Lab we use the JAMMIN Minute as an energizer and physical exercise routine, as well as an opportunity to stimulate and reinforce crew qualities like cooperation and perseverance, while at the same time creating awareness about healthy living habits. Our 6th Graders learn the exercises in advance and visit all the classrooms on Monday mornings to teach them to the rest of the students. In the coming weeks, our 6th Grade class will design our own JAMMIN Minute, record it on video, add our own music, and post it online for children all over the country to perform and enjoy. The message behind the JAMMIN Minute is that physical exercise can be fun, that it can be done at any time, with little space, for short periods of time, alone, or with a group of friends. Healthy living habits can be fun!