K-1 Portrait Celebration

By Becca Mason, K1 Teacher

The K-1 Exhibition Celebration, which was a result of our 14-week study of color and portraiture, was a stunning success and we had a terrific turnout of moms, dads, grandparents, Conservatory Lab staff, friends, and supporters.


The children shared the song “My Favorite Color is…” and “Roy G. Biv” with the crowed who beamed with pleasure.  A special thanks to Mr. Cordes for sharing this lovely tune with the students and getting them ready to sing about what they know about color.  Ms. Mason compiled a short film of the two-month process, which documented the myriad of experiences the children engaged in to build their final product, acrylic self portraits.  By the night of the celebration the child accomplished many learning targets, including: I can use art tools carefully, I can describe details I see in artwork, I can explain how to mix all of the colors of the rainbow, I can give feedback to improve the work of others.


DZ portrait Guests of our special event were asked to give feedback to the children about their portrait work.  Here are just a few highlighted “stars” from our list:

“I loved the color choices you made for your backgrounds!”

“Great job everybody!”

“Nice work K-1!”

“We loved the details you put in your portrait!”

“I can’t believe that 4 and 5 year-olds did this work… it is remarkable!”

Next week the children will reflect on their paintings (the color choices they made, the details they included) and we will begin to display their work in our school lobby gallery space for all visitors and Conservatory Lab students to view.