K2 Builds Their Paper Instruments!

1620638_10151944711703907_1522740170_nOnce again it’s that time of year when the K2 Rockstars embark upon a very special part of their musical journey: the construction of their paper instruments! On Saturday, February 1, 44 students and their families came to the school for a day of crafting and socializing led by Resident Artist, David Cordes. This was our first paper orchestra construction event since the school’s expansion, and so it was no surprise that the group was our biggest yet! Despite the huge number of participants, the event was smooth sailing thanks to the guidance of Mr. Cordes and the amazing teamwork of our students and their families.

This event is memorable not only because it marks a major stepping stone for the K2 Rockstars on their path to acquiring real instruments, but also because their parents and families finally have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the orchestral process and their children’s role in it. At its core, this event is a celebration of differences– big, small, high-pitch, low-pitch, bright sound, and dark sound. Whether a student is building a bass, cello, viola, or violin– they all have equally important roles to play in the orchestra.