New Students Get Acquainted with the Instruments of the Orchestra

At the start of each year, new students to Conservatory Lab have the opportunity to try out various musical instruments before being assigned one that they will be devoted to for the rest of the year.
Resident Artists sit down with each student one-on-one and work with them closely, helping them understand how the instruments work as well as their different but equal roles in the orchestra.
Having a deep understanding of these roles is important not only in the context of our El Sistema orchestra culture, but also reinforces our school-wide CREW mentality that our differences should be embraced and celebrated. An orchestra isn’t an orchestra without all the different sounds of the winds, strings, percussion, and brass. A crew isn’t a crew unless it is made up of individuals who learn to utilize their different skills and experiences.
We’re incredibly excited to work alongside our new students as they embark upon their orchestral journey as well as their journey towards becoming a member of the Conservatory Lab crew. Welcome!