Peer Mentoring Thrives at Conservatory Lab

On Thursday, four Dudamel Orchestra musicians travelled to the lower school to spend an hour peer mentoring 1st grade musicians. Fifth grade violinists Ethan Chen and Sergine Muzac worked with Resident Artist Ms. Amidon with all the upper strings and then each worked one on one with individual 1st grade violinists improving their technique. Oliver Lee, 5th grade bassist, also worked with several individual students, giving them feedback on posture, bow holds and how to make a great tone.
Junior Fuentes, 5th grade cellist, worked with pairs of students on Hot Cross Buns and keeping their bows “on the highway”.

These students are the second group to participate in a plan to bring small groups of upper school students to the lower school every week. Students who want to be peer mentors work with their orchestra leader to learn the skills necessary – responsibility as well as musicianship – and then are recommended. Ms. Jackson then works out the logistics for dismissal with parents and small groups are formed. Once a month the traveling group could be a performing rather than a teaching group and can perform for the lower school community at their Friday Finale. Stay tuned for more reports!