4th Grade Teacher

Ivy Wagner

Ms. Wagner came to teaching via a circuitous route. After working her way through the art department at Stanford University, she decided she wanted to work with her hands, but whether as an artist or writer she was unsure. Although Ms. Wagner bravely tried her hand at baking, storytelling, and farming, none suited the real world. She continued to find herself taking second jobs working with young people, as an afterschool tutor, a gym instructor, and a farm-educator. At the fin de siecle, after enrolling in the Certification Program for Elementary Education at Southern Connecticut State University, she learned about experiential education and brain-compatible learning. She found her niche. Returning to her hometown of Boston, she spent the next 15 years teaching in both traditional and alternative educational settings. In Conservatory Lab, Ms. Wagner found a setting that allowed her creative side and her educator side to share space in the real world.