Chief Operations Officer

John Chistolini

Mr. Chistolini returned to his roots in education after twenty years of practice as an attorney in the areas of educational law, child care and protection, and personal injury. His background includes a Master’s degree in Education as well as 17 years with Boston Public Schools where he began as a middle school science teacher and also held positions as Chief of the Boston School Police, and Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent of Operations. While working for the Deputy Superintendent of Operations, he supported and managed a comprehensive array of city-wide services and programs in 79 elementary, 24 middle and 15 high schools requiring a thorough understanding of operations, finance, procurement systems, transportation, and human resources. His love of education fostered the establishment of the “Massachusetts Charter School Legal Service Program” which provided legal guidance and services to Charter Schools. His work with Charter Schools has included governance issues, development and operation of strategic plans, legal guidance in the daily operation of a school, and equipping personnel with the tools to respond to an administrative, personnel, student or school crisis.

His passion is being founder of and trustee (with his daughter Alexandra) for the Ebenezer Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Charitable Trust which provides legal and financial expertise to raise tax-deductible funding to provide shelter, medical care, and education to the orphans and street children of Zambia, Africa. He decided he wanted to be part of a team and community that were creating and building a unique and rigorous academic and music education for its children.

Mr. Chistolini is also the Records Access Officer for Conservatory Lab Charter School.