Instructional Support Assistant, Lower School

Katia Gauyo

Katia Gauyo, was born in Haiti, where she attended kindergarten and met the person that had a lasting impact on her. Her Kindergarten teacher is the reason why she is so passionate about working with kids. Katia’s journey as an educator started in her early twenties where she worked as a preschool teacher. From there she began to explore the different styles of teaching. She discovered  Maria Montessori and during her years at Cambridge Montessori, she fell in love with the Montessori pedagogy.

Katia believes in fostering children’s natural desire to learn. Katia is looking forward to growing in this field and having a lasting impact. Some interesting facts about Katia are, she is the oldest of two, she absolutely adores the color pink, and is the co-owner of a non-profit school for the less fortunate in her hometown in Haiti.