Along the Charles

Third graders learn about the water cycle as they investigate the Charles River watershed and the role of freshwater in the world. They discover how “the people’s river” became polluted and learn about current campaigns to keep the river clean, healthy, and swimmable. Fieldwork includes conducting water quality tests in conjunction with World Water Monitoring Day, and visiting the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum to learn about the unique history of the nation’s first metropolitan water system. Final products include performing a medley of river songs to celebrate the beauty of our river and writing science poems about the fish and birds that live in and along the Charles, illustrated in watercolor pencil.

Grade Level: 3
Subjects: Earth Science, ELA, Music, Visual Art

Where does water come from? What are the stages of the water cycle?
What can people do to keep the Charles River healthy and clean?
What wildlife lives in and along the Charles River?


Students test the water of the Charles River


At the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation


Testing water quality of the Charles River at Herter Park in Brighton, with hydrogeologist Matthew Greenberg, volunteer with World Water Monitoring Day

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