Heating Up, Chilling Out: Global Climate Change

Fifth graders develop their scientific skills as they explore the most pressing environmental issue of our time: climate change. They take on the roles of real-life scientists and activists, and organize in ambassador teams from different regions of the world to study the effects of climate change. Fieldwork at the Blue Hills Weather Observatory and the Harvard Museum of Natural History gives students the opportunity to investigate how atmospheric scientists measure and track weather over time to determine whether, how, and why our climate is changing. Students develop skills as presenters as they create and use a variety of visuals (graphs, diagrams, and maps) to teach their peers and members of their community about climate change at a culminating Conservatory Lab Climate Summit. Other products include an original climate change rap that synthesizes students learning about the causes and consequences of climate change around the world.

Grade Level: 5
Subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, ELA, Music

What factors influence the weather in a particular time and place?
Is our climate changing? How do we know?
How is climate change affecting the Earth? How is the Earth responding?
How does climate change in one region of the world affect people living in other regions of the world?


Blue Hills Conservatory


Blue Hills Conservatory

ER weather instruments

Blue Hills Conservatory

MC Oasis 2

Composing the climate change rap with expert rap artist, Ruth Henry

The Climate Change Rap


At the Climate Change Fair


At the Climate Change Fair

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