Neighbor to Neighbor

First graders extend their understanding of community beyond the school walls to explore the school’s neighborhood and what it means to be a good neighbor. A community walk launches the expedition, during which students are challenged to use a street map to locate mystery locations in the neighborhood. After identifying the important buildings, services, and community helpers that distinguish our Brighton neighborhood, students interview community helpers and create a Welcome to Our Neighborhood class book or quilt, highlighting how each helper contributes to the neighborhood. First graders make their own contribution to the Brighton community by performing a repertoire of songs at a local venue.

Grade Level: 1
Subjects: Social Studies, ELA

What is a neighborhood?
How can a map help me find places in my neighborhood?
What do community helpers do to make Brighton a better place to live, work, and go to school?

with LM2

Students on a neighborhood scavenger hunt


A student meets with a professional nurse

Postal Worker

A postal worker explains how the mail is sorted

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