What’s On Your Plate?

You are what you eat! Kindergartners explore how a balanced diet and regular exercise help keep their bodies healthy and strong. The USDA MyPlate graphic serves as a guidepost as children learn about the five food groups and discover the three principles of a healthy diet—balance, variety, and moderation—through read-alouds, research, food tasting, and cooking projects. Fieldwork at a local Whole Foods Market and dramatic play introduce students to food-related jobs and the economics of buying and selling food. Final projects include composing and performing an original food group song, conducting independent research to create illustrated placemats on a nutrition or exercise-related topic, creating an exercise music video, and a cooking show video, all of which help to educate the community about making healthy food and exercise choices.

Grade Level: K2 (Kindergarten)
Subjects: Health, ELA, Music

What choices can I make to keep my body healthy and strong?
How can I help others make healthy choices?

From the 2017 expedition:

Cooking with K2: A Cookbook by Ms. Goddard and Mrs. Greenwood’s K2 Class

From the 2016 expedition:

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