What’s Out There? The Solar System and Beyond

Fourth graders engage with the questions of the universe! Beginning with an in-depth look at the earth and its moon, the expedition takes students on a tour of the Solar System. Each night for a month, students observe the shape, size, and color of the moon and record their observations in a Moon Journal. Students actively listen and respond to John Williams’ scores for Star Wars, E.T. and other space-theme films, as well as Holst’s’ The Planets, an orchestral suite with seven movements, each named after a planet. During fieldwork at the Museum of Science, students launch an independent research project to investigate a planet or other aspect of our solar system. Products include a True and False book about the Universe.

Grade Level: 4
Subjects: Earth and Space Science, ELA, Music, Visual Art

What makes Earth a perfect place for living things?
How and why does the observable face of the moon change over time?
What makes each planet unique?
How can we express our feelings and wonderings about space through music?

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