San Antonio Visitor Charmed!

Pablo Escamilla, Attorney at Law, member of the Texas Association of School Boards Council of School Attorneys and a passionate supporter of education, arts & culture visited our two school sites last Friday.
He was charmed, awed and delighted by all that he saw.  His visit had as a primary objective to gather as much information as he could regarding our El Sistema music program.

He and a group of his associates are interested in beginning and supporting an El Sistema program in the his childhood neighborhood, in San Antonio, Texas as a means to building community through the art of music.  He was very impressed by the work that El Sistema has  done in Venezuela to help children in poor barrios to build pride and community.  He realizes that one must begin with the youngest to build a lasting impact and was very impressed by David Cordes and Tess Plotkin and the manner in which they weave so many key concepts and learning modes into their classes.
He sends many thanks to all that helped him learn more here at Conservatory Lab.