Second Grade Talks Savings with Mt. Washington Bank Pres.

It is never too early to start saving for the future! That’s the lesson second graders learned when Mr. Edward J. Merritt, President of Mt. Washington Bank came to visit, bringing with him a boxful of red piggy banks, each with four shiny quarters. Students listened carefully as Mr. Merritt espoused the wisdom and foresight of saving regularly and the benefits that such a good habit can bring. They learned that if they filled the gift piggy bank with quarters,  they would then have $135! An impressive sum indeed!


Mr. Merritt will also briefly address the audience gathered at the Spring Fling! Event on April 7th at The Strand Theatre. Mt. Washington Bank, where he is President, is happily supporting the event, knowing the good sense that an investment in a school that provides such quality education makes for the entire community.


Thank You Mr. Merritt and Mt. Washington Bank! We are all looking forward to a rousing event on April 7th!