Student Council: A Successful First Year


This year, for the first time, Conservatory Lab elected a Student Council to serve as an intermediary between students and administration. Every six weeks, a body of representatives from grades 3-6 met with Principal Sevelius to discuss concerns, joys, and hopes for the future of the school. Topics ranged from bathroom cleanliness to creating opportunities for more students to perform in small groups throughout the community.


“We are being heard,” Rep. Trayvon (5th grade) said in a statement issued last Friday, “it feels good to have a voice and to be more involved in solving problems.”


While no topics are off the table, council representatives have had to deal with the hard realities of governing. “When we first started, there was a lot of talk about less homework and more desserts for lunch,” Rep. Hafeedh (3rd grade) told reporters, “As we talked about it, we realized that we need homework to prepare us for middle school and high school, and we need healthy food to give us energy for learning.”


But as the year progressed, council members discovered that they had a valuable opportunity to be a mouthpiece for their classmates. When students and staff began to notice an increase in paper towels left around the bathroom floor, council members worked with students and staff on a campaign to encourage responsible use of school facilities, resulting in a widespread increase in bathroom cleanliness. Students were also able to voice their interest in playing chamber music throughout the community, resulting in increased opportunities for students to participate in small performing groups.


Each student’s term expires at the end of the school year, but several students expressed interest in running for reelection. Unfulfilled agenda items include programs to procure additional books and supplies for classrooms, school lunch reform, and community service projects. Political analysts expect to see tighter races next campaign season as more students become interested in running for office.