Student Musicians Move Up to Full-Size Instruments

“I think I need a bigger instrument!” It’s not uncommon to hear ambitious string players at Conservatory Lab say this to their music teachers. While it’s important that students are comfortable and play instruments that fit their bodies properly, they also know that as an instrument’s size increases, so does the volume of sound it produces. It’s no surprise then that students want to play larger instruments! We can now happily announce that this is becoming a reality for many students in 4th-8th grade! As they have grown each year and continued developing healthy and strong playing posture, they have been preparing themselves for this milestone transition in their musical career. These full-size violins, violas, and cellos project a lot of sound and make the orchestra’s texture rich and full.

We look forward to working with these students as they continue to nurture and mature their own sound on these new instruments!IMG_3104